What Is Visual Arts?

  If you’re asking yourself, what is visual arts? The term is a broad term that covers a range of different art forms. These include everything from textile art to conceptual art. Below, we’ll discuss some of the basics. In addition, we’ll explore the many different ways that art can be represented and interpreted. Read … Read more

Types of Digital Artwork

Today’s digital technologies enable the creation of many new types of art, including performative, interactive, and real-time artworks. The broader spectrum of digital arts is represented by video art, interactive performance, and process-oriented artwork. Here are some examples of the different types of digital artworks. We’ll look at each of these categories and their implications … Read more

What Do We Really Know About AI in Art Analysis?

The primary aim of the digitalization of art collections was to improve their accessibility and the investigation of their contents. But now, the application of AI in art analysis has widened the study horizons. Digital art analysis uses basic methods that involve two computing techniques: close scanning and distant seeing. In close reading, machines focus … Read more

3 Types of Digital Arts and What You Can Do With Them

    When talking about digital art, you may be thinking of a few different types. Three-dimensional printing, Data-moshing, and Raster paintings are some examples. Digital art has become a widely accepted form of art, and is becoming increasingly prevalent in auction rooms. If you’re interested in pursuing this form of artistic expression, be sure … Read more